Polly shares her story here… 

This was the first time I have had a litter from one of my bitches and fed Salters Dog Food. I was impressed at the muscle tone she maintained throughout the pregnancy, she never developed that pregnant cow look which bitches I have owned in the past have done. Her muscle tone was so good my Vet didn’t think she was having many pups possibly a maximum of four, which was a little disappointing to hear, as most bitches in my breed do have on average nine puppies in a litter.

When she whelped she did have nine puppies! At birth all the pups were a pound plus, with two and a half ounces separating the biggest and smallest puppies. In previous litters the size difference has been more and I have had litters were the biggest is fifteen and a half ounces and the smallest was a mere seven ounces. The only difference in my regime has been feeding Salters Dog Food so I can only attribute this difference to the food (and perhaps genetics although I usually stick with the same lines, so I have an idea how things will turn out). My bitch’s coat and the coats of the puppies were really glossy and I was very pleased with the pups: none were weak or sickly, I didn’t get any mummified pups or stillborn pups in the litter. All the puppies were strong healthy babies and mother and babies are content.

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The day the puppies were born (Polly)


MAIN PHOTO (TOP):  two days before she had the pups
ABOVE: The day the puppies were born