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In case you missed it, Polly’s Puppies – Part One is here.

As you can see from the pictures the puppies are growing well and have fantastic coats. Both of the photos are naturally lit and the shine on their coats had to be seen to be believed. Neither picture of them in the nest at just over a week old nor the second picture at just over two weeks old were taken with any artificial lighting or flash light.  The picture of them suckling at two and a bit weeks old with their eyes just opening both mum and pups are lit solely by light coming through the window on a sunny day. Since feeding Salters I have been very impressed with the glossy coats my dogs now have. They really shine with health. Alice is holding her weight nicely even though she is feeding nine puppies who are growing at an amazing rate! There is still very little difference weight wise between them all. At this age puppies are great timewasters, you spend all your time watching them and they really are not doing much more than eat, sleep and eat and sleep!

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Pollys Pupplies one Week old

MAIN PHOTO (TOP):  The puppies, nearly three weeks old
LEFT: The puppies at one week old